What is CLASS?

 "Our 5 year experience, both during the summer and school year, was excellent. CLASS was exactly the child care stability our son needed." - Trish Ross

  • CLASS is a licensed program that provides homework time, games, sports, fun, crafts, gym time, toys, new friendships, lots of outside fun and fresh air at the Discovery Park and in the woods. And all in a positive environment!  
  • CLASS programs are the only ones in the Sussex area that provide licensed child care solely for school aged children. 

Who goes to CLASS?

  • CLASS is for children from ages 5-12. We also have a free 'volunteer' program for our experienced CLASS kids who are in middle school. The Leader in Training program (LIT) allows grade 6, 7 & 8 students who have attended since kindergarten to still come to CLASS but act in a volunteer role. Leaders meet with each LIT to determine days to attend, commitment to the program and what expectations are on both sides. This program has proven to be a win-win for everyone! The bus from Sussex Middle School is #823.
    * LIT participation is dependent upon availability required to maintain ratio.

Why choose CLASS?

  • CLASS is a government licensed program with a team of qualified Early Childhood Educators and teachers. It’s safe, it’s fun, it’s an excellent program and allows parents to know their children are well cared for, getting lots of exercise, learning new things, trying new activities, making friends, acquiring new skills, and being part of a team.  We always have a staff member on site and all Leaders have First Aid/CPR, criminal record check, prior contact check, confidentiality and more.
  • A licensed program ensures child/leader ratios are correct at all times and that a minimum percentage of staff are qualified to work with children. We are limited to 15 school aged children per leader and this low ratio helps to ensure your child is well supervised and able to participate in a variety of individual, small and large group activities. Licensing provides you with a guarantee that the facility and program have been inspected and approved by the following agencies:
    -Fire Marshall
    -Public Health Department
    -New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
                -Inspector:Patti Kelley   658-6391   patti.kelley@gnb.ca
                -Quality Assurance Monitor: Jodi Hennessey   643-7779    jodi.hennessey@gnb.ca

Where and When is CLASS?

  • Kids from Sussex Elementary stay right at Sussex Elementary School and we are based in the cafeteria. On full days we are at the Trinity Anglican Hall.
  • CLASS is open every school day from dismissal until 7pm.
  • Grades K and 1 get picked up right from their classrooms and grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 come down on their own. 

    For those who are all inclusive, our full days operate from 7:45-5:45 at Trinity Anglican Hall. These include PD days, storm days, March and Christmas break. If you wish your child to attend you MUST sign them up because enrollment is limited. Once you sign up, payment is due regardless of attendance. **We are not open on statutory holidays, Thanksgiving or Victoria Day.  

Have more questions? 
Call us at 506-434-1234 to book an appointment or a tour.
email: class4341234@gmail.com
Or drop in anytime after 1:00