"I'm a CLASS kid!!!!" 

Here at CLASS we think every child is very special, and they deserve to have their own day of appreciation when they're at CLASS! We decided to give each child their own day, where they get to pick the day's activities, bring a friend and get a special cupcake.  Here are some pictures of our "I'm a CLASS kid" days!!

Keaton Day! We all joined in his game of soccer.

Luc Day! In a galaxy not far away there was an epic light saber battle.

Abram Day! We tried out some different Lego challenges. Abram completed the Build A Duck challenge.

Devin Day! He sure does love zipping around on the plasma cars. 

Lauren Day! She took us out to the Discovery Park to play Hide-and-Seek. There were so many great hiding spots!

Kasey Day! He wanted everyone to head to the 3-5 playground for a game of Witches. 

Xander Day! Some more computer time:)

Connor Day! Bring on the Lego!

Gabriel Day! Computer time :)

Jack Day! He just wanted everyone to be out in the woods so we played a game of Capture The Flag.

Cole Day! We played Capture-The-Flag all afternoon. Run, Cole, run!

Ava Day! We spent the whole week raking up leaves for a pile of leaf jumping fun!

Skye Day! She's the master at playing Ghost Tag in the woods.

Sophie Day! She created a dance obstacle course for everyone and we loved it!

Ashley Day! They worked together to build giant, fancy forts with the mats and rugs in the gym.

Leah Day! We had a ton of fun playing Hide-And-Seek together.

Abram Day! Abram wanted to play sports of all kinds, especially WII sports, he's amazing at them! 

Beckett day! Beckett had competitions to earn candy!

Alex and Logan Day! These two boys wanted to play soccer all day!  

Claire day! Claire chose a spa day, and of course, ice cream!

Brennan day! Brennan wanted to have a ninja day!

Connor day! Connor had basketball challenges for his special day! 

Sophie day! Sophie enjoyed a day full of gymnastics! 

Noah day! Noah wanted everyone to play board games with him on his day! 

Rian day! Rian set up a veterinary office at CLASS and helped lots of little animals throughout the day!

Matthew day! For Matthew's day everyone made paper airplanes and then went outside and tried them out! 

Jaime day! Jaime loves to play outside on the playground, so that's what we did! 

For more pictures of our "I'm a CLASS kid" days, visit us on Facebook! We upload our special kid's day daily! Search Class-Sussex on Facebook!:)