"Our family is so thankful for CLASS and their team members! They’ve helped our Ben to be on top of his homework, and find his passions in after school play and learning. He’s learned so much about social skills, being determined to get results and best of all, being outside! We love everything about CLASS! Ben's favourite part about CLASS is “They let us play hockey all the time and they send me birthday cards." - Sarah Smith

"CLASS has provided a safe, fun, activity filled program for my children. They both loved the variety of activities, the fun experiments, 'special' days and the list goes on. Cannot say enough positive things about CLASS :)" -Sherri Hourihan

"CLASS  is the perfect fit for L because it offers variety. He is always excited to go and this was often something I got asked every morning when he first started going, 'Am I going to CLASS today?' Yeah! It is still one of his favorite parts of the day. He just doesn't ask anymore because it's such a routine now. I asked L why he loves CLASS and he said, 'Because it's not boring and all my teachers are nice.' I agree! Everyone that works at CLASS is friendly and I love that they help him do his homework. I love that he's getting outside time and he's active. If he wants some down time he can just read a book or find one of the ever changing stations that suits him for the time being. I love that L is exposed to so many creative ideas when the kids get to pick their own day. CLASS is a wonderful program that really takes into consideration what is the best for children." - Laura Surrett

"This childcare is amazing .... my kids went there and loved it . The staff is amazing and very caring to the children." - Susan McMann

"CLASS runs a fantastic program. My boys (11 and 12) are new there this summer and absolutely love it. The teachers are great and they provide a fun, relaxed and child centered environment. I would highly recommend CLASS to anyone who is looking for after school child care - you get your money's worth and much more!" - Lory-Ann MacAskill

"I love CLASS because we always go outside and the leaders play the games with us." - Gr. 5 CLASS kid 

"Please know how much we appreciate the CLASS program and its leaders! My kids love going to play with their friends and always look forward to the new creative activities that are done daily! I love that homework is worked on and there is an opportunity for help from the older kids or leaders if needed. I think the Leaders-In-Training program is amazing! It helps teach responsibility, reliability and respect in knowing that the younger kids look up to them. CLASS has been a big part of our lives and we feel it is an extension of our family. Thank you for being awesome!" - Tracy Hookey

"As a teacher at SES, each morning I would hear the activities that were going to take place at CLASS after school. Every day sounded like a new adventure. It always had the students smiling and excited!! They do so many neat things to keep the kids engaged. Last year, literally half my class went to CLASS after school and they couldn't wait to get there. The staff is so genuine. They always greeted the children and made them feel special! I must also admit that those same students ALWAYS had their homework completed!! This is wonderful for parents and teachers alike! I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking for after school childcare. They have excellent communication throughout the staff and someone is always watching and caring for your child. CLASS is a wonderful place to be!!" - Nikki McConchie

"Sena went to CLASS after school from K-5 and loved it! Many days she was upset if we left early! They provide educational fun activities and the staff was great!!!!! She even enjoyed going in the summer for special camps!!! Highly recommend it!!!" - Shelley Bronnum