What is the cost of CLASS? 

"I would highly recommend CLASS to anyone who is looking for after school child care - you get your money's worth and much more!!" - Lory-Ann MacAskill

"It's the best money I spend all month!" - Brian Clancy

**A subsidy up to $12.75 per day is available for after school child care and up to $24.25 per day. 
1 (866) 441-4340 or google 'New Brunswick day care assistance.'

 After School care $310/month
2 children - $615/month
**After School Care includes all after school days and early dismissal days.**
***Monthly fee does not change due to Christmas or March Break because it is averaged over the school year***

All Inclusive $370/month
2 children - $735/month
**All Inclusive Care includes all after school days, early dismissal days, full days, one week of Christmas break and March Break.**
***Monthly fee does not change because it is averaged over the school year***

Before School Care $100/month
$200/month per family
**Non-CLASS kids $200/month
$400/month per family
***Before School Care requires a minimum sign up of 6 children to be open***

$40 registration fee per child per school year
Fees are subject to change for September of each year.


We have been offering this awesome program since 2010! As a parent,  you are the expert and we would love to have you tell your friends about our program.

How does it work?
You will receive $200 CASH after your referred family has paid for the 1st month and the referred family will receive $100 CASH.
How do I get credit when I refer someone?
That’s simple!  Just give a friend a wallet sized Reward Referral card.  Make sure your name is on it. The new family brings the card when they enroll. 

Is there a limit?
NO!  You can refer as many people as you like!  The more that enroll, the more credit you can earn.!!

1 month = 4 weeks after school care
Referral Rewards are credited solely on the discretion of the owner/director.
a referred family dies not include families that are already attending or have previously attended class.

Reward Program may be cancelled at any time.
Spaces must be available for Reward to be redeemed.